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Are We Seeing The Beast of Revelation Rising From the Abyss?

On this site are MANY FREE chapters from my books on Bible prophecy, by Michael D. Fortner.

If Isaac Newton were alive today, he would have to deal with the math “experts” online: “Hey, Mr. Isaac Newton, you need to stop using x and y like numbers, they are not numbers. They are LETTERS. Stop twisting their meaning.” LOL. This is also what it is like dealing with Bible prophecy “experts” online.

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The position of this website and my three books:

  1. The beast and false prophet are based in Islam, so the Ottoman Islamic empire will rise from the Abyss, which means come back to life.
  2. The beast will NOT rule the entire planet
  3. America will NOT be destroyed before the World War 3 begins or (before the so-called 7-year Tribulation begins), but will suffer one or more major natural disasters and a Civil War that will badly wound us, thereby allowing the beast to rise to power.
  4. We are now in a U.S. civil war, (the WEF and the DeepState are in league, see Book 2 for details on this).
  5. Wicked-America (NOT ALL of America) is Babylon the Great and will be destroyed in nuclear war and invasion.
  6. There will be massive asteroid impacts leading to the Three Days of Darkness.
  7. Many other natural disasters take place during the Wrath of God, including poison air,  volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes, etc.that will kill more people than nuclear war.
  8. The Ten Toes of Daniel 2 are NOT the same as the ten horns in Revelation, and WILL break apart (Bk 1).
  9.  The 10-horns of Daniel 7 are NOT the same as the 10-toes, or 10-horns of Revelation (fully identified).


Bible Prophecy Revealed (Books 1,2, & 3): 

This book was once two books, now combined.

The title of this Book 1 has been changed back to its original, Discoveries in Bible Prophecy. It is currently being revised.

* Proof that the beast comes to power with the 5th Trumpet
* The smoking gun that Kills the pretribulation Rapture
* The United States FOUND clearly several times
* Evidence the Great Tribulation could begin soon
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s 4 beasts
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s ten toes (it NEVER says in Daniel that the 10-toes will rule the world!!!)
* New discoveries about Daniel’s 70th week
* Evidence that the Bride of Christ is not the entire Church
* Proof positive that the beast will NOT rule the entire planet
* Missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead
* The Little Horn of Daniel 7 is not the Antichrist, but radical Islam.
* The Abomination of Desolation FACTUALLY identified.
* Islam’s connection to the second beast of Revelation
* How and why Turkey will rise to be the beast
* The Christian Armenian Genocide found in Bible prophecy
* Islam’s connection to 666
* The history of the beast that reveals its Satanic character
* Shows how the beast is even now rising from the Abyss
* The Shocking truth about the image of the beast
* The Quran found in Bible prophecy
* The Taliban has just shown to be very important**** 


Read this great review from Amazon for previous editions:


Book Three: The Fall of Babylon and The Final Antichrist (2023) (2 books in 1)

* THE FALL OF BABYLON has begun!
* Solid evidence that America is Babylon the Great.
* How America will FALL twice.
* How America is, Political, Economic, and Cultural Babylon. NEW, but so is Western Europe!
* How America will be split into 3 parts.
* Why America became such a rich and powerful nation.
* How America is headed for a civil war, and will be nuked,
and much more
* Signs of Civil War
* Prophecies of Civil War
* The DeepState and its connection to the Global DeepState (World Economic Forum)

If this book had a theme song it would be this one by Michael Card, the City of Doom:


These two books are now available at all major stores.


Book Four: The Approaching Apocalypse and Three Days of Darkness

* Nuclear war and asteroid impact will bring the Three Days of Darkness.
* There will also be volcanic eruptions, huge earthquakes, fire from heaven, and poison air.
* Christ returns during the Three Days of Darkness and burns up the dark clouds with fire from heaven, saving the world from self-destruction.
* A small second sun will appear in the sky that will come close to Earth and burn us with its flames.
* Learn about the mass vision that was seen by 70-80,000 people in 1917 that warns us of the Day of Judgment.
* Contains many prophecies from inside and outside the Bible:
Book of Enoch, Sibylline Oracles, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, Catholics and Protestants, and even Nostradamus.

If this book had a theme song it would be The Planets of the Universe by Stevie Nicks, even though the words do not match exactly to the book:


Here is an endorsement that a pastor in India sent me:




Here is what it says:

Mr. Fortner, I have read your 4 books on Bible prophecy, and I have to say I was shocked and amazed at your many important discoveries. They are truly ground breaking, and deserve much attention. Why are your books not being spoken about on popular TV shows and public interviews?

No serious study of bible prophecy is complete without reading these books. I highly recommend them.

May God bless you to write many Bible Prophecy books in the future.

Rev. John Benhur K.
Immanuel Mission Church Inida


To anyone who may disagree with me on some point, I want to challenge you to prove me wrong! Yes, take what I have written and analyze it and show me how and why my interpretation of a particular passage is wrong. I give this challenge because people don’t really know why they believe what they believe. They like to make blanket statements based on long-held beliefs that cannot be supported by a careful analysis of Scripture. Also, if I happen to be wrong on some point I want to know it so I can correct my belief on that subject.

I know that selling a new interpretation will be difficult. The Wright Brothers were flying and charging the public for flights, or perhaps to watch flights (I cannot remember which), for 2 years before the press would even report on it. The press just did not believe the Wright Brothers had actually flown. Likewise, many people do not believe a new interpretation is possible; or at least not a believable one.

Innovation never comes from the established institutions; it’s always a graduate student or a crazy person or somebody with a great vision.” (Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, CBS/60 Minutes interview)



At one time all four books were ranked highly at the same time in Christian/Prophecy on Amazon, but I have been shadow-banned on all the social media sites, and even Amazon. I must pay for advertising, but can only afford very little: