B1 Introduction 2023

This interpretation of Bible prophecy is 99% different than what has ever been taught. How could there be a viable new interpretation, you ask? The Bible says that the correct interpretation will not be understood until we actually reach the end, “the words are closed up and sealed until the end time” (Daniel 12:9), yet the dominant views today are over 150 years old.

I have not tried to support a particular theological position, but I have merely studied the Scriptures to find out what they mean, and have changed my views to match what I found in the Bible. I began my study believing in the Pre-tribulation Rapture, but was forced to change it after years of study. Most of the existing belief systems for the last-days have a few elements that are correct, but the complete picture they each present is not accurate.

This book is the result of 40 years of research and piecing it all together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. In previous editions of this book I stated that the puzzle is “mostly complete;” I now can say it is 99% complete. And there are several important new insights and changes for 2023.

What does the puzzle look like once you put all the pieces together? It will come as a shock to most people, but the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already ridden during the past 2,000 years of wars and famines and persecution. But I don’t just make that claim, or assumption; I found evidence in the text and world history that shows it.

There is also not a 7-year Great Tribulation (GT); nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about a 7-year peace treaty. Daniel’s 70th week in Daniel 9:27 does NOT refer to a 7-year treaty with the Antichrist. That passage is being grossly misinterpreted. The original Protestant view of that verse is correct on the first half of the week; which was that the 3.5-year ministry of Jesus. Only the last half remains. There is NO 7-year period mentioned in the book of Revelation, but only two different periods of 3.5 years, which over lap.

The GT will likely last 10 years, and those years have already started. The Trumpet judgments will likely happen in only a few years. It is my opinion that 2020 was the first year of the Great Tribulation (GT). Things will continue to be bad in one way or another, until they get worse. This has proven to be the case thus far, as I write this in early 2023.

Since January of 2020, there have been major increases in volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Increasing shortages of many manufactured goods, food, and growing economic, social, and political unrest. Now Russia has invaded Ukraine. I suspect that this war will grow into a European war and then into WW3; only time will tell, but the timing is right!

This book will present evidence that the 10-horned beast of Revelation 13 is NOT connected to Europe, but is a revived Ottoman Empire. That is, the horns will be Islamic nations in the Middle East, or nearby regions. However, since we do not know all details in advance, I believe it is possible that one or more nations in Europe could be taken over by Islam, then join the Islamic empire (only time will tell).

Islam is different from all the other religions that do not believe in Jesus, because Islam officially declares that Jesus is not the Son of God; this is the Biblical definition of Antichrist.

You may believe that this book is like a few other books, such as Joel Richardson’s, The Islamic Antichrist; but my view is not like his, because he does NOT actually believe the Antichrist will be a Muslim, but only a Muslim until he claims to be God. Richardson believes that all Muslims will leave Islam to follow the new religion. This is not really a Muslim Antichrist, then, is it? No, but I present evidence that Islam will literally be the religion of the Antichrist, not merely his former religion.

For example, Muslims call the verses of the Quran, “miraculous signs,” and Rev. 13 tells us that the second beast deceives people with those “signs” (v.14) .

The Ottoman Empire was wounded in the 1800s but was given the fatal blow during World War 1. The nation of Turkey was formed from what was left of the Ottoman Empire. It will rise to become the final head of the beast.

It is likely that the first horn of the 10-horn beast of Revelation just came to power in 2021 when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Expect them to uproot three nations from the Common Wealth of Independent States (CIS) that are just north of them. The full explanation is shown in Daniel 2,4,7,11, and 12, which provides insight into the coming little horn and radical Islam.

My expository and analytical method of interpreting Bible prophecy reveals many surprising and important insights never before seen. I debunk the idea that the mark of the beast is a global account number. I present evidence that 666 is symbolic and points to Islam. For example, Muslims worship on the 6th day of the week, believe in 6 articles of faith, and have 6 volumes of the sayings of Muhammad called the Hadith. The number 6 is found numerous times in Islam. But there could also be a literal mark within the revived Islamic empire, such as Muhammad’s seal. We will also learn that the mark of the beast is NOT the mark of the first beast, but of the second beast with two horns.

Then there is the surprising revelation about the image of the beast that has nothing to do with computers, or anything you have heard about before.

The correct interpretation of Bible prophecy proves the Pre-tribulation Rapture theory is false, which is seen repeatedly throughout this book. I even found the smoking gun that kills the Pre-trib Rapture!

In previous editions of this book, I did not have the correct understanding of the 1,290 days and 1,335 days of Daniel 12. As a result, it messed up my understanding of the timing of events during the last 3.5 years; including the timing of the Rapture. But now that I have a NEW solid interpretation of those days; therefore, I now have a much better understanding of the timing of the Rapture. (For about 2.5 years I believed there will be two Raptures, but with a better understanding of Daniel 12, I can see the end-time timeline more accurately.)

Another unsettling discovery is, that the entire Church will not go in the Rapture, but only those who are in the Bride will be Raptured. The Bride of Christ is not the Body of Christ, and therefore, not the entire Church. Those who will be in the Rapture are chosen by God before the Trumpet judgments, because they will be protected through those early judgments.

I previously called my interpretation Pre-Wrath yet Post-Trib, then later it became Two Raptures that were close to being Mid-Trib and Post. But now it is closer to Mid-Trib, yet Pre-Wrath. I see the period of the Bowls of Wrath lasting more than only 3-6 months, which is the common view of those who hold the Pre-Wrath doctrine. (And the majority of Pre-Wrath teaching has the Antichrist arising in Europe and ruling the whole planet; so it is not like any other Pre-Wrath books.) I expect the Rapture to take place 2-3 years before the return of Christ.

This book also proves that most of the Jews in Israel must convert before Christ will return. It is plainly stated in the Bible several times! Which makes one wonder how the opposite view could become a popular doctrine, that Christ will return before they convert.

There can be a lot more information gleaned from the Bible’s prophecies discussed in this book than what is written here, but the main focus of this interpretation is what will actually take place in the future; which we need to know and fully understand to survive the GT to the Rapture. That is why this interpretation is practical, not theological. Though my interpretation greatly bears on doctrine, the information here is not presented or argued from a theological view-point. But this series of books goes beyond the Rapture and details many events that take place after the Rapture, and even during the global destruction at the very end.

This book series was originally 5 volumes; a 4-part series plus one more on the Antichrist that came later. The first volume came out in 2013, followed by the other volumes in 2014, 2015, 2016, then 2020 for The Final Antichrist. I have now put Books 1 & 2 together (BK1 had the title, Discoveries in Bible Prophecy; and BK2 had the title, The Beast and False Prophet Revealed). Book 3 had the title, The Fall of Babylon The Great America; so it is now, The Fall of Babylon and The Final Antichrist.)

Every few years I have published updated editions as I gained more insights and pieced the puzzle together better. I still might not be 100% accurate, but there are no areas that concern me, as before. The end-time picture seen in this book is far more accurate than any other teaching on the subject.

As I stated in previous editions, the closer we get to the end, the clearer the picture will become, so I may need to make only minor changes in the future. Who could have seen that Afghanistan would become the first horn of the beast? Like Apostle Paul said, we see through a glass darkly.

I believe the reader will get the most out of this book by reading it slowly and underlining many sentences, because it is very easy to misread critically important statements; or even miss one entirely. So I do some underlining for you.

Disclaimer: I include a few extra-biblical prophecies because I believe them to be genuine; but that does not mean I agree with every teaching or action taken by those who gave the prophecies. God uses and speaks through imperfect people. These prophecies are given because they agree with my interpretation, and provide more details about future events.

But, you may ask, what about world government? There is no such thing; I prove that it is a false belief in this book, many times over. Rev. 13 twice says that the beast will “make war.” Who does the Antichrist make war against if he rules the whole world? He wars against other nations, invading them just as all previous empires. The “whole world” of the Bible is the Middle Eastern / Mediterranean world (including part of southern Europe), not the whole planet; as will be proven. I explain in detail the passages that are wrongly used to support the belief in a world government.

Many people are now suspecting that Klaus Schwab and the WEF are trying the bring in a one-world government, complete with electronic surveillance, and control. Yes, that is true, but the WEF is not centered in the Middle East. I explain the WEF and how it will be destroyed in WW3 in the next book, The Fall of Babylon, and the Final Antichrist. Because it is actually part of Babylon the Great.

For this 2023 edition, I now have available to me for reference, The Complete Biblical Library: New Testament Study Bible, Revelation (CBLR), and a few other books which I wish I had twenty years ago; but at least I have them now. Thanks to my friend, Ryan, for this gift.

One of the reasons that the correct interpretation of Bible prophecy was said to not be known before the end times (Daniel 12), is because of the vast amount of information needed. This interpretation could not have been written before the invention of the internet. I was able to find reference material that cannot be found in the largest research libraries in the world. Therefore, before the present day, the information in this book series could never have been found and compiled.