B1 Introduction

This book was originally published in 2013, and I try to update it every couple of years. This edition only has minor improvements.

This is a new interpretation of Bible prophecy, that is 97% different from what other people are teaching. How could there be a viable new interpretation you ask? The Bible says that the correct interpretation will not be understood until we actually reach the end, “the words are closed up and sealed until the end time” (Daniel 12:9), yet the dominate views today are more than 100 years old. But we have finally reached the point where we can actually see the end approaching fast, and we can now understand Bible prophecy much better than ever before.

I may not have every detail exactly right, but I believe this interpretation comes closer than any other interpretation.

In order to arrive at the correct interpretation you must have certain foundational pieces in place or it throws off the entire project; much like making a mistake in your checkbook results in all numbers being off from that point onward. You get a statement from your bank that shows a different balance and you have to go through an entire month’s worth of figures to find the mistakes. This book is that statement for Bible prophecy, as it shows the past mistakes and the correct interpretation.

What does the puzzle look like once you put all the pieces together? It will come as a shock to most people, but the infamous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have already ridden during the past 2,000 years of wars and famines and persecution. But I don’t just make that assumption, I found evidence in the text that proves it.

We are now in the period of the global birth pains of the earth. Unlike false warnings put forth over the past several decades, it is easy to see the birth pains happening all around the world, with earthquakes, droughts, floods, and record heat or record cold, and record storms and fires.

Next will be the Trumpet judgments which include a giant tsunami that will wipe out the east coasts of North and South America, and to a lesser degree West Africa and Europe (though it could hit the west coast of the U.S.).

In 2013 I said that the tsunami of the 2nd Trumpet will greatly injure the United States, coupled with the asteroid impact of the 3rd Trumpet, will allow the final head of the beast to rise from the Abyss as seen after the 5th Trumpet, followed by the start of World War 3, which is the 6th Trumpet.

However, in Book 4 of this series, originally published in 2015, I also show that America is going to have another civil war, therefore, I now believe that the civil war will weaken America to such an extent that it will allow the beast of Revelation to come to power.

The beast of Revelation will not come from the European Union or the U.N., or any other global government, but mostly the Islamic nations of the Middle East and Turkey. In 2013 I believed that the 10 horns of the beast are 10 Islamic nations that will join forces under one ruler, the Mahdi. But I now believe the 10 horns will include one or two European nations, principally Germany.

It clearly says in Rev. 9 that the angels bound at the Euphrates River will cause WW3. The Euphrates starts in Turkey and flows through Syria and then Iraq. Though ISIS has been defeated, ISIS does not need to exist for the beast to rise to power.

But, you may ask, what about world government? There is no such thing; I prove it is false in this book, many times over. Rev. 13 says twice that the beast will “make war.” Who does he make war against? Little green men from Mars? No, he wars against other nations, invading them just all previous empires, including Hitler. The passages that are used to support world government are correctly explained in detail. The “whole world” of the Bible is the Middle Eastern / Mediterranean world (including much of Europe), not the whole planet, as I show.

And nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about a 7-year peace treaty. Daniel’s 70th week in Daniel 9:27 does refer to a 7-year treaty with Israel, but it is being grossly misinterpreted. But it is not an agreement with the Antichrist. The original Protestant view of that verse is the correct view.

The same is true of Daniel’s vision of the four beasts and vision of the statue with 10 toes, both show that there will never be a total-world government. Those passages are also not being correctly interpreted. The Bible text never says that the 10 toes in Daniel will rule the world, but actually says they will break apart. And contrary to popular teaching, America is in fact found in Bible prophecy, and is a major player, as you would expect.

The Great Tribulation will probably last 4-5 years, though it is longer if you count the birth pains. The 3.5 years that the beast rules in Revelation is also the last 3.5 years of the Gospel Age. The Rapture takes place just before the 7th Trumpet, which makes the Rapture prewrath, but not 3-6 months before the end of the Great Tribulation (GT) which is what the official prewrath position currently teaches. The Rapture is at the end of the GT, just before God’s total Wrath is pour out upon the world. So my view is really a mixture of prewrath and post-trib. But all the details of what happens is very different in my interpretation.

The correct interpretation of Bible prophecy proves the pretribulation Rapture theory is false, which is seen repeatedly throughout this book. I even found the smoking gun that kills the pretrib Rapture!

The entire Church will not go in the Rapture, but only those who will be in the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ will be chosen by God before the start of the GT, because many people around the world will repent during the GT, especially in the U.S. The Bride is not the Church, but a chosen righteous remnant who are worthy to rule and reign with Christ. Those who repent during the GT will need to survive God’s Wrath to continue the human race.

This book also proves that the Jews must convert before Christ will return. Yes, it is plainly stated in the Bible several times! Which makes one wonder how the opposite view could become a popular doctrine.

There can be a lot more information gleaned from the Bible’s prophecies discussed in this book than what is written here, but my main focus is on the interpretation and what will actually take place in the future, which we need to know and fully understand to survive the GT and Wrath of God (for those who do not go in the Rapture). That is why this interpretation is practical, not theological. Though my interpretation greatly bears on doctrine, the information here is not presented or argued from a theological point of view.

So, I am not trying to support a particular theological position, but I have merely studied the Scriptures to find out what they mean and have changed my views to match what I found in the Bible. I began my study believing in the pretribulation Rapture, but was forced to change my view after years of study. Most of the existing belief systems for the last days have a few elements that are correct, but the complete picture each one presents is not accurate.

There is a reason that Jesus did not have a religious education before becoming Israel’s Teacher. And there is a reason his original Apostles did not have religious educations. The one Apostle who did have religious training, killed and persecuted Christians before he was struck down on the road to Damascus. When you follow a particular belief system, called a theological construct, it typically blinds you to what does not agree with that belief system. That is just how the human mind works. Though there is a place for theological and eschatological (the study of last things) degrees, having such degrees can be a hindrance to understanding the truth. As such, God did not see fit that I would have any such degree.

You may be wondering, then, who am I to write a new interpretation? Isaac Newton was extremely intelligent; he discovered gravity and was the principle inventor of calculus and physics. In 2005, the British Royal Society voted Newton to have made a greater contribution to science than any man in history, even Einstein. Even though Newton was one of the smartest men who ever lived, and spent a lot of time studying Bible prophecy and even wrote a book on Daniel and Revelation, he was not able to see a description of missiles and rockets in the Bible (see chapter 7). You cannot see or understand what you have no knowledge or concept of. He also did not live in the last days, so there was no possible way he could have correctly interpreted Bible prophecy.

So I do not claim to be smarter than everyone else who studies Bible prophecy. But I am called of God to interpret Bible prophecy, with a God-given ability to figure things out, to think outside the box, and with the ability to argue from different points of view. I am also a trained journalist and historian (a B.A. degree in journalism with a minor in history), so I am skilled at analyzing written information. But even with all my skills and calling, it has taken me over 30 years to put the pieces together like a giant jigsaw puzzle with the first edition of this book in late 2013.

My calling to research and understand Bible prophecy came at a very young age. When I was 8 or 9 years old I was sitting on the side of my bed reading Rev. 6:1 about the white horse and wondering what it meant, when God spoke to me for the very first time. He said, “Would you like to interpret that?” I said, “Wow, yea, that would be great, but there is not enough information in the text to be able to figure it out.” It did not even occur to me that God had just spoken to me, and I forgot all about it until about two years after I had begun researching and writing a book on Bible prophecy.

I have often wondered why God called me to this project rather than an eloquent, well-known minister with a national platform to get the message out to the world. I am sure God has his reasons.

For example, if a major preacher had been teaching these discoveries in a large church over the last 30 years, he would’ve been changing his views every few years. As his knowledge and understanding increased, his interpretation of this passage or that verse would naturally have changed. So he would not have looked like a sound Bible teacher as he pieced the end-time puzzle together. Perhaps this is why God called me to preach when I was 20 years old but did not give me the inward urge to preach, or the ability to speak well enough to preach. I had no desire to preach, but I did have a great desire for in-depth prophecy study. So my ministry turned out to be writing books. Fortunately, the puzzle is mostly complete. The last piece will not be put into place until we actually reach the end!

So, even though I am called of God to interpret Bible prophecy, I don’t claim to be infallible, I may be wrong on some point. The closer we get to the end the clearer the picture will become, so I may need to make more changes in the future.

With all the crying wolf that has taken place in the last 40 years, the Church now faces a lack of interest in Bible prophecy. I knew that those false warnings would cause some people to reject the genuine warning once it finally arrived, and that has happened. Interest in Bible prophecy has declined with every false cry of “RAPTURE! RAPTURE!” that never took place.

I cite references and tell you where I get information and interpretation. Otherwise, you can assume that the interpretation is my own; about 97.5% of this book. Even when I quote others, I often will make observations which are not found in the original quote.

Even though I use the NIV as the main translation in this book, I frequently give a verse in the KJV, or some other version because a particular verse may be easier to understand in another translation. Sometimes it takes reading a verse in several translations to get the clearest picture of its meaning.

You will notice that in this book there are no “end notes” at the end of the chapter or the end of the book. With end notes, if readers want to know where a quote is from they must mark the location of the end notes and continually look back to see what it says, but it may only say “Ibid” or contain some other information that is not important. So after reading 500 books, I have come to hate end notes. Therefore, in this book I have done something truly shocking and revolutionary, I actually tell you where the quote is from, either within the text or after each quote so you do not have to stop reading and look it up! And I don’t use footnotes because I want the printed book to look just like the eBook. Since there are no pages in eBooks it is very hard to have footnotes or end notes.

Now a word about quotes. Because of the misuse of source material in other books, from science to religion, some people will suspect that I have taken passages out of context or that I have misrepresented what the prophecy actually says, so I include the actual quotes so you can read them for yourself, at least most of the time. And it is important that you read the quotes to get the most out of this book; I assume that you will read the Scripture passages.

Also, I believe the reader will get the most out of this book by reading it slowly and underlining many sentences, because it is very easy to misread critically important statements. I even do some underlining for you.

Disclaimer: I include a few extra-biblical prophecies because I believe them to be genuine, but that does not mean I agree with every teaching or action taken by the ministers who gave the prophecies. God speaks through imperfect people.

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