B1: Table of Contents

* Proof that the beast comes to power with the 5th Trumpet
* The smoking gun that Kills the pretribulation Rapture
* The United States FOUND clearly several times
* Evidence the Great Tribulation could begin soon
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s 4 beast
* A new interpretation of Daniel’s ten toes
* New discoveries about Daniel’s 70th week
* Evidence that the Bride of Christ is not the entire Church
* Proof positive that the beast will NOT rule the entire planet
* Missiles and rockets described in detail, even the warhead

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Keys to Understanding Bible Prophecy
(1) Interpreting Apocalyptic Symbolism
(2) 100% Literal Interpretation?
(3) No Private Interpretation
(4) The Doctrine of Imminent Return Exposed
(5) The Rapture and the Feasts of Israel
(6) Correct Spelling and Usage
(7) Judgment Day & The Day of The Lord

Chapter 2: Five Seals of History
(1) Revelation 4: The Scene in Heaven
(2) Revelation 5: Victory of Christ
(3) First Seal: White Horse: Going Forth of the Holy Spirit
(4) Second Seal: Red Horse: Persecution
(5) Third Seal: Black Horse: Diaspora
(6) Fourth Seal: Green Horse: Islam
(7) Fifth Seal: Souls of Martyrs
(8) Conclusion

Chapter 3: The Sixth Seal: Signs of The End and Birth Pains
(1) The Signs Begin
(2) The Watch Has Begun
(3) A Command to Keep Watch
(4) When You Do Not Expect Him
(5) Four Blood Moons
(6) Comet ISON
(7) Birth Pains of the Earth

Chapter 4: The Chosen
(1) Who Are The 144,000?
(2) The Bride of Christ
(3) Symbolic Number
(4) FirstFruits
(5) The Last Great Awakening
(6) Conclusion

Chapter 5: Daniel’s 70 Weeks
(1) Daniel 9:25-26
(2) Daniel 9:27
(3) The 1,290 Days
(4) Conclusion

Chapter 6: The Great Tribulation
(1) What is The Great Tribulation
(2) Time of Testing
(3) Seventh Seal: Seven Trumpets
(4) First Trumpet: Natural Disasters
(5) Second Trumpet: Volcanic Landslide
(6) The Affect Upon the United States
(7) Third Trumpet: Asteroid Impact
(8) Fourth Trumpet: Darkness
(9) Three Woes
(10) Other Prophecies of Great Tribulation

Chapter 7: World War III Begins
(1) Fifth Trumpet: The Abyss is Opened
(2) The Destroyer
(3) The Abyss in Arabia
(4) The Dogs of War
(5) Sixth Trumpet: Missiles and Rockets
(6) The Prophet Joel
(7) Ramifications

Chapter 8: Daniel’s Ten Toes
(1) Ten Toes of the Statue
(2) Arabs and the Ten Toes
(3) Double Fulfillment

Chapter 9: Daniel’s Four Beasts
(1) Four Great Nations Today
(2) Lion and Eagle: British Empire & United States
(3) Bear: Russia
(4) Leopard: Saudi Arabia
(5) Beast With Ten Horns: Commonwealth of Independent States
(6) The Little Horn
(7) Day of Judgment

Chapter 10: The End Arrives
(1) Mystery Accomplished
(2) Measuring the Temple
(3) The Two Witnesses
(4) The Great Festival
(5) Other Prophecies
(6) Second Woe
(7) Seventh Trumpet: God’s Wrath and Kingdom

Chapter 11: 2 Thessalonians
(1) Apostasy and Antichrist Must Come First
(2) Will Exalt Himself
(3) Important Word Meanings
(4) Only One Coming of Christ

Chapter 12: The Abomination of Desolation
(1) No Tribulation Temple
(2) Abomination of Desolation
(3) The End of The Gospel Age
(4) Daniel 12: Time of the End

Chapter 13: Matthew 24
(1) Events of the Gospel Age
(2) Events of the Great Tribulation
(3) The End of the Age
(4) The Wrath of God
(5) The Sign of the Son of Man
(6) One Will Be Taken, and The Other Left

Chapter 14: A Brief History of Christianity
(1) Christianity Begins
(2) The Defeat of Paganism
(3) The Woman Flees Again

Chapter 15: Final Thoughts

Scripture Index
Selected Bibliography

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