B2 Introduction

This is the second book of a series of books that takes a new look at Bible prophecy and presents strong evidence that the coming beast and false prophet of the book of Revelation are based solidly in Islam and Muhammad. You will get the most out of this book if you have read the first one, titled Discoveries in Bible Prophecy, but it is not required. It is time to open your eyes to the truth about an ancient evil that is reawakening in the Middle East, and now also in Europe!

The Ottoman Empire, the last Islamic empire, will rise from the Abyss as the Scarlet Beast (Rev. 17) to wage jihad upon the world. Islam has encoded in its teachings— murder, lying, plunder, slavery, rape, warfare, and even terrorism as part of its official religious doctrine. Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, and this is exactly what Islam has done from its beginning. Nothing else so completely fits the description in the Bible of the beast and false prophet than Islam, which is more than a religion, but is a totalitarian political system that wants to control every area of your life.

Islam is different from all the other religions that do not believe in Jesus, because Islam officially declares that Jesus is not the Son of God (Quran 4:171; 18:4-5), which is the Biblical definition of Antichrist: “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son” (1 John 2:22).

The spread of Islam has left a trail of blood, suffering, and destruction like no other ideology in world history. History, and even this present age, shows us that Islam is a very violent and fascist religion, full of hate for Christians and Jews. No one could invent a more evil cult.

Islam ruled the second largest empire in history that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of China. For over a thousand years the sword of Islam’s armies never stopped dripping blood and enslaving the survivors. Millions of Christians have already suffered and died under Islam’s armies of conquest, and Christians are still dying today in Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, and many other places.

Slavery continued throughout the Muslim invasions and beyond. For hundreds of years the Muslims of North Africa captured European ships, and then American ships, and enslaved the crews. They even raided coastal towns and dragged people out of churches and into slavery where they were beaten and abused in order to pressure them to convert to Islam.

Do not be fooled. The plan to conquer the world and slaughter the Christians and Jews is not a secret conspiracy of the Illuminati or Freemasons! It is broadcast daily on TV, radio, the internet, and in print, and already has almost 2 billion followers.

The beast of Revelation is ready to rise to power. It tried to conquer the world before and will try again. But it will only succeed at bringing World War 3, nuclear war, and global destruction. It will not rule the entire planet, because the “whole world” of the Bible is the Middle Eastern / Mediterranean world, which includes much of Europe. The beast is right now clawing at the edges of the Abyss trying to get out. Even though ISIS is officially defeated, they could still rise again, and even if they don’t other organizations are ready to replace them.

There are many other good books that detail the teachings of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, but the purpose of this book is to prove that the beast and false prophet will not come out of the European Union, as often taught, but are in fact based in Islam and Islamic empire. I show this by presenting the history of Islam and what the Bible says about it. For example, Muslims call the verses of the Quran, “miraculous signs.” Revelation 13 tells us that the second beast deceives people with its “miraculous signs.”

Imams throughout the Islamic world preach that America, Britain, and Israel must be destroyed, and fill their followers with lies about us, saying that all the world’s wars and problems are caused by America, Britain, Israel, and democracy. They pray over loudspeakers for Allah to destroy us, calling the people to rise up against us all, but especially America and Israel.

In 2006 a Dutch cartoonist drew a cartoon of Muhammad wearing a turban-bomb to make a political statement against suicide bombers. The reaction was global; Muslims were screaming in the streets. They yelled threats of death while holding signs with threatening messages. People were killed in the demonstrations and riots, and several Christians were murdered by Muslims in retaliation for the cartoon. The demonstrators were not members of Al-Qaeda, but ordinary followers of the religion of peace! The cartoonist now lives under armed guard and moves from place to place because of the threats to his life.

The riots were repeated in 2012 because of a movie about Muhammad that was made by an Egyptian living in America. The extreme rage is designed to make it illegal to criticize Islam or Muhammad, which will make criminals of all Christians who teach the truth about Islam and the correct interpretation of Bible prophecy. It is already illegal in the UK to say that Islam is not a religion of peace! The two beasts of Revelation 13 do not want their identity revealed.

Even though Egypt has currently outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, the group is still strong throughout the Muslim world, and will likely be part of the next Islamic empire. In 2010, Mohamed Morsi, who was then the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, said:

Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue. (youtu.be /RCop-dzv29 WYMemriTV)

Islamic clerics have issued rulings that say it is acceptable for the fighters in Syria to rape non-Sunni and non-Muslim (Christian and Jewish) women. But so many women have fled that there are not enough women to rape, so they are recruiting young Muslim women to go there and provide sex to the fighters. It is call “sex jihad.” (www.raymondibrahim.com/from-the-arab-world/sex-jihad-fatwa-permits-incest-in-syria/ www.humanevents. com/2013/04/02/islamic-cleric-rape-of-non-muslim-syrian-women-permitted/)

Islam does not have any good rules of morality like, you shalt not kill, or love your neighbor as yourself. But it does teach that you can steal from non-believers, and even enslave and murder them, as we will see in this book.

For several years I thought I was the only one who saw that the beast of Revelation is based in Islam and that another Islamic empire will rise, but I have learned of a few other people who also see it. Here is a quote from The Rise of the Islamic Empire and the Threat to the West, by Anthony Dennis:

In short, the coming Islamic Empire will be a world power in every sense of the word, whose people will share a vibrant religion and a common Islamic culture. Like its Muslim predecessors, the Islamic Empire of the early 21st Century will also have an appetite for territorial expansion and military conquest. A modern, worldwide jihad against non-Muslim populations and societies complete with nuclear weapons promises to bring the highest casualty rates in the history of mankind. World War III, if it does come, will probably occur between the Islamic Bloc and the Western nations. It will be the deadliest war ever fought by humanity. (Wyndham Hall Press, 2001, p. 89)

A few others also teach that the beast is based in Islam, but they do not have the details correct. For example, Walid Shoebat believes that the beast is based in Islam until he becomes the Antichrist, but that is not really being based in Islam. No, the beast-empire has literal Islam as its religion; Islam is not just where the beast and false prophet come FROM. And Shoebat’s new theory about the mark of the beast is proven wrong in this book.

I also debunk the idea that the mark of the beast is a global account number. I present evidence that 666 is symbolic and points to Islam. For example, Muslims worship on the 6th day of the week, believe in 6 articles of faith, and have 6 volumes of the sayings of Muhammad called the Hadith. But there could also be a literal mark within the revived Islamic empire, such as Muhammad’s seal.

I present historical and present-day evidence, but also Scriptural evidence, which proves beyond any doubt that Biblical prophecies of the beast and false prophet, point directly to Islam and its armies of conquest. In short, the seven heads of the beast represent empires that have ruled around the Mediterranean Sea. The head, or empire, that had the fatal wound will rise again. It will not be the Roman Empire, but the last Islamic empire.

The Ottoman Empire was wounded in the 1800s but given the fatal blow during World War I. The nation of Turkey was formed from what was left of the Ottoman Empire. It will rise to become the final head of the beast.

My expository method of interpreting Bible prophecy reveals many surprising and important insights never before seen. We will learn that the famous mark of the beast is NOT the mark of the first beast, but of the second beast with two horns. Then there is the surprising revelation about the image of the beast that will shock you, and it is not artificial intelligence!

The visions of Daniel also point to Islam, but most of them were included in Book 1 (BK1). I only have a little of Daniel in this book.