B2 Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beast of Empire

(1) The True Identity of the Beast
(2) The Seven Heads
(3) The Seventh Head of the Beast
(4) The Final Eighth Head of the Beast
(5) A War Against the Saints

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Islam

(1) The Quran
(2) The Caliphs
(3) The Invasions
(4) Islam and Slavery
(5) Other Kingdoms
(6) The Sixth Head of the Beast
(7) Daniel 11: The King Who Exalts Himself
(8) A God of Warfare
(9) The Armenian Genocide
(10) In Memory Of The 50 Million Victims Of The Orthodox Christian Holocaust
(11) The Myth of Peaceful Coexistence
(12) The Conflict Continues
(13) A Final Word

Chapter 3: The Scarlet Beast

(1) The Scarlet Beast
(2) The Ten Horns
(3) The Beast Rises
(4) The Throne of the Beast
(5) Old Prophecies
(6) The Glory of Conquest

Chapter 4: The Two-Horned Beast

(1) The Islamic Religion
(2) Miraculous Signs
(3) Causing Fire to Come Down From Heaven
(4) Worship the Beast
(5) The Image of the Beast

Chapter 5: The Mark, Name, & Number of the Beast

(1) The Mark of the Beast
(2) The Number of the Name of the Beast, 666
(3) The Number 6 in Islam
(4) A New Theory About the Mark is Proven Wrong
(5) The Name of the Beast
(6) Cannot Buy or Sell
(7) Cashless Society|
(8) Mark of Jihad or Loyalty
(9) Conclusion

Chapter 6: Historical Views

(1) What The Near-term Christians and Jews Believed
(2) What the Later Catholics and Protestants Believed

Chapter 7: The Antichrist

(1) The Mahdi
(2) Tribe of Dan?
(3) The Assyrian
(4) Satan or Muhammad?
(5) Daniel 8

Chapter 8: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan
Chapter 9: A Summary of the Great Tribulation
Chapter 10: Final Words
Scripture Index
Selected Bibliography