B4 Introduction

The Bible tells us that when Christ returns, there will be another end-of-the-world destruction, like Noah’s Flood, but the next destruction will be with fire. What is truly surprising is that God is not merely deciding to judge the world, and destroy those who do not measure up; no, the main reason the fire of God’s Wrath is going to burn the world is to save humanity and civilization from total annihilation!

Mankind himself will in fact be the cause of global destruction through a multi-nation nuclear war, which will threaten to destroy all life on Earth through a “nuclear winter” that will follow a nuclear war. Only a few humans would barely survive a nuclear winter, and civilization would not survive. This is why Christ is going to return and judge the world at this time, to save the world from such a nightmare. Messiah must send fire upon the world to burn up the dark clouds that will cover the world after nuclear war. So God will actually be saving humanity and civilization.

NOTE: Some climate scientists have argued against the possibility of a nuclear winter, but because of the numerous prophecies that are much older than nuclear weapons, I am inclined to believe in nuclear winter. There are also lots of science and historical data that supports a nuclear winter.

However, about 2 weeks after the nuclear war, huge asteroids will impact and add to the dark clouds, ensuring total darkness covers the world as prophesied by dozens of people for 2000 years, called the Three Days of Darkness.

So, though Christ’s return includes destroying sinners from the world and setting up his Kingdom, the burning of the world will actually be an act of mercy, to save the world from total destruction. This is the only reason Jesus must return at this time. God’s timing is always perfect! Like it says in Revelation 11, when the judgment of God comes upon the world, it will be time, “to destroy those who destroy the earth” (v18).

God is not going to allow the world to descend into a post-apocalyptic nightmare like we often see portrayed in Hollywood movies. Every time Satan succeeds at something, he only accomplishes what God allows him to accomplish, and it actually results in greater defeat for Satan. He thought he had gained a huge victory by killing Jesus on the cross, but it worked out the opposite when Jesus rose from the dead. The final battle between good and evil will happen something like this:

There will be a peace deal to end WW3, but while they are signing the deal they are planning a surprise nuclear strike in which America will be nuked and invaded, and Israel invaded. About 2 weeks after the nuclear strike, evil will believe it has taken over the whole world.

One of the goals of the Islamic and Communist alliance (explained later) will be the total destruction of Christianity from the face of the earth. This is even found in several prophecies we will read later.

But Christ sends fire by several different means to destroy the wicked: huge asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, a huge global earthquake, and especially fire from a small second sun that will come close enough to Earth to burn us with its flames! Yes, there are in fact prophecies that reveal this, going all the way back to the Erythraean Sibyl.

There will also be poisonous air, a crustal displacement, Earth moving out of its orbit, an axis tilt, pole shift, and much more. All of this will kill 80-90% of the global population. Those who survive will be the righteous who repented too late to make the Rapture, and they will live in a Paradise on Earth.

Satan’s global victory will be his global defeat, because it will bring the literal Kingdom of God on Earth when Christ rules the world, and there will be no more war. The Rapture takes place shortly before, or even moments before the nuclear war. People who repent after the start of the Great Tribulation (GT) will not be in the Rapture near the end (see Bk1 of this series for complete details).

God will only save the nations who are judged righteous, which are the sheep in Christ’s parable of the sheep and goats (Matt. 25). The fire from heaven is one of the things that will stop the nuclear winter, but the fire itself will kill many people.

The prophecies tell us we will see “signs in the sun, moon, and stars” before the global destruction hits us. Today we look at a conjunction of planets or blood moons as signs, but they are not signs of the end of the world, because those things have happened many times before and will happen again. No, the signs that Jesus told us about are astonishing, and shocking. Like the prophet Joel said, there will be “wonders” in the sky.

This book was written to provide insight into the prophecies about the quickly approaching end of the world as we know it, so that when the signs in the sky start taking place, you will know that the end is upon you. You will be able to first repent, and then take steps to survive the coming destruction, like Noah in the ark, and also to live after the global destruction.

But this book is NOT just a collection of prophecies, like many others. No, I do my best to piece them together so we can see the picture of what will happen in the final months and weeks before and during the full Wrath of God and return of Christ. The picture that emerges is one that has never before been taught or seen.

Having studied prophecies for over three decades, both Biblical and nonbiblical, and having written three other books on Bible prophecy, I have a very good idea about which prophecies are genuine and which are not. I am also good at thinking outside the box, with a God-given ability to figure things out, as you know already if you have read the previous books in this series.

I discuss biblical prophecies about the coming Day of Judgment, which is also Christ’s return. Then I include many other prophecies from the Book of Enoch, the Sibylline Oracles, Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, and even modern prophets which agree with and shed more light on the biblical prophecies, including Catholic and Protestant prophecies.

It may come as a surprise to many Protestants that there are many Catholic prophecies about this time, which they call the Chastisement and Three Days of Darkness (3DoD), but it should not be surprising. Catholics have always accepted the gift of prophecy, while the early Protestants rejected it. There are over 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, and since many of them will repent during the Great Tribulation (GT), and so miss the Rapture, it stands to reason that God will want to warn them so they can have a better chance of surviving those perilous days.

Good Catholics will go to heaven just like good Baptists and good Methodists. The run of the mill Catholic who gambles, fornicates, and engages in all the other sins of this world, but just goes to a priest to confess then goes out and does it again, will not make the Rapture, but neither will sinful Protestants. (More Christians will miss the Rapture than will make the Rapture.)

This book is for people who believe God still speaks today, and will warn us with prophecies about the coming times of trouble and judgment. Some Protestants say they believe in prophecies, but never accept any, and condemn every prophecy that comes forth. There are also some who have a problem with Catholic prophecies, because they have a problem with the Roman Catholic Church. They seem to think that if they accept Catholic prophecies, it makes the RCC the one true Church, but the truth is, God does not speak only to Protestants, because He does not speak only to those with perfect doctrine. No church has perfect doctrine, and no prophet is perfect. You don’t have to be perfect for God to use you or speak through you.

And if God wants to speak to Catholics through Mary, then he can certainly do so. God spoke through a donkey in Numbers chapter 22, so I suggest we listen and judge the prophecy, not the church or the person, both of which are going to be imperfect. I chose prophecies based on whether the prophecy agrees with the overall end-time picture that I have come to see by studying many prophecies inside and outside the Bible.

One fellow online said a certain minister who gave a prophecy was a false prophet, and I asked why he believed that. He said because the minister claimed that God told him that the Rapture was not pre-trib. I replied that the pre-trib view is wrong, so that actually makes him a true prophet. Many Christians don’t believe in the pre-trib Rapture, but instead believe in post-trib or pre-Wrath. I hold the pre-Wrath view (see Book 1). But I have the Rapture taking place only about 2 weeks before the full Wrath of God comes upon the world at the end of the GT.

So unless your church has prophecies about the soon-coming global destruction by fire, then I suggest you listen to the prophecies presented here, because they agree with those in the Bible, and agree with each other. You will need to know this information if you miss the Rapture. There will not be enough time after the Rapture to make full preparations for surviving God’s Wrath, so we should prepare beforehand, even if we expect to make the Rapture, just in case we don’t.

Many Christians have the mistaken belief that when Christ returns, he will destroy the Antichrist, and then set up his Kingdom to rule the world in peace and love. Well, yes, but when he destroys the Antichrist with fire, he will also destroy the majority of this present world, then set up his Kingdom.

Some Christians believe that Christ will not return until the end of the entire universe. Won’t they be surprised! The prophecies inside the Bible and out, say there will be survivors, and even tell us to flee to safety so we won’t die, so why would those prophecies be there if no one will survive the return of Christ? Can we expect to survive the end of the universe? Why would God give us so many prophecies about it, telling us to watch and be ready if we can do nothing to survive it?

Earth will be cleansed of evil at the return of Christ, and life on Earth will continue for many thousands of years. God did not create trillions of galaxies containing billions of solar systems, only to destroy it all after a few thousand years.

This book is not about the next world war, though the war is mentioned. It is not about the Rapture, though the timing of the Rapture is discussed. Neither does it concern Planet X or Nibiru. An errant planet may have traveled through this solar system in the past, but the prophecies indicate that what will happen has never happened before: a new planetary body will move through the heavens and come near earth, sending fire upon us in a totally unforeseen way. (Unforeseen except through God’s prophets.)

Many people have probably already read some of the prophecies included here, but this book also contains many prophecies you have never read before, but they all agree. You may have read prophecies that do not agree with what is in this book, this is because there are many false prophets giving out prophecies, and people try to fit them into the picture of the end-times. Which causes them to get mixed up, because they are trying to put false prophecies into the puzzle, but they do not fit. Only those prophecies that agree with each other and with what I have come to learn about the last days are included here. This applies to both Catholic and Protestant prophecies.

Even many officially accepted Catholic prophecies do not agree with each other. Some say that after the Chastisement there will be a short period of peace, then the Antichrist comes and then Christ returns to destroy the Antichrist, which is the literal end of the world. But there will be NO end to the world or end to human life on it. The Antichrist will be destroyed in the fire of the Chastisement, which is the return of Christ, as shown in all my books and even many Catholic prophecies. For example, Mary spoke to Father Gobii:

“A chastisement worse than the Flood is about to come upon this poor and perverted humanity. Fire will descend from Heaven and this will be the sign . . . The Beast will enter into the holy temple of God.” (Don Stefano Gobbi, Milan, Italy, September 15, 1987. The Marian Messages, Vance Ferrell, Pilgrims Books, 1996, p. 30.)

This prophecy accurately puts the coming of the Antichrist before the fire of the Chastisement, the fire being at the end, but it disagrees with a lot of Catholic teaching on Bible prophecy. So, even Catholics will understand their prophecies better after reading this book. (The temple she refers to could be the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem that was built over the tomb of Christ. Most Catholics believe it refers to the Antichrist invading Italy and the Vatican, forcing the pope to flee to another country. This will happen during WW3 and is discussed in another chapter.)

We will also discover the true meaning behind a mass vision that was seen by 70-80,000 people, including skeptical atheists, in 1917 that points to the Day of Judgment.

This book is NOT about the signs of the end that may be happening today, though I do point out a few things that lead me to believe that we must be nearing the end. This book is about the signs that we need to be looking for to know if we are, in fact, at the end, and what will happen at the end. I don’t set dates, but I do discuss the things we should NOT be looking to as evidence of the end, in the next to last chapter, Comets, Doomsday, & Apocalypticism.

Lastly, I want to say that, even though I was called of God to interpret Bible prophecy, as explained in Book 1, I am not infallible. We see through a glass darkly, and even though the end time events given here closely fit what will actually happen during the GT and Wrath of God, I could still be wrong on some point. But if you ever hope to understand the end of the Great Tribulation, Wrath of God, return of Christ, and Three Days of Darkness, then you must read this book!

The first edition of this book was published in May of 2016. Then in July of 2016 I came across a prophecy that I intended to include, but because there are so many in this book, I just overlooked it. So an excerpt from the Apocalypse of Peter was added at the end of chapter 11.

Update 2019:

I occasionally come across additional prophecies that appear to refer to the central events described in this book, so I have added two new ones, without judging the givers of those prophecies who had no idea what they were saying. These are found at the end of the final chapter.

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