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I have decided to only publish “publicly” Book 1 of the series of three books. The other two will only be sold through this page.

Book 1: Bible Prophecy Revealed will be available on Amazon (paperback, hardback and ebook) and in bookstores, likely by March 1, 2023.

YOU MUST BUY AND READ BOOK 1 before you will be allowed to purchase Books 2 & 3. When Books 2 & 3 are for sale, the only way you will be able to buy them is by answering a question about Book 1, which will allow you to enter the web page with the link to the payment processing. They will be sold together. I will be filling all the orders myself unless the sales volume increases too much, which I do not expect. International shipping is available.

Books 2 & 3 can be purchased through a link below. This page requires a PASSWORD, which is the 3rd word of the 1st paragraph of Chapter 23, of Bible Prophecy Revealed: 2023.

BUY LINK PAGE by March 15th, in hardback and ebook.


The reason for limiting the sales, is because The Fall of Babylon and The Final Antichrist (387 pages) contains information that is just too hot for the general public to handle. I have already been shadow-banned on all social media sites, and had previous editions of this information banned from retail book sites. I do not want to be totally banned. So I am going to GREATLY RESTRICT the sale of these books.

I will also ONLY publish them in Hardback, and ebook and raise their price! Even many Christians are not able to read and understand groundbreaking, deep truth.

These books should be read by all Christians, but especially by those WHO WILL MISS THE RAPTURE. They will need to study these books in great detail.


Who SHOULD buy these books?

* People who are open minded.

* People who are truth seekers.

* People who know that their denomination does Not have all the answers; that is, they do not have the whole truth.

* People who are genuinely smart, and wise.

Who SHOULD NOT buy these books:

* People who cannot accept any prophecy not found in the Bible. These books are NOT for you.

* People who believe they know the interpretation already.