What will happen in the near future and how to prepare

Here are some things that are going to happen in the next few years and what you need to do to prepare:

  1. The Marxists/Democrats will forcibly takeover the US government, starting a civil war (They did it with a stolen election, and a full-scale war might still happen.)
  2. Food and all other supplies will become in shorter and shorter supply.
  3. A few years from now, a huge tsunami is going to hit the east coast of North and South America caused by either a volcanic mountain going into the ocean or an asteroid impact (2nd Trumpet).
  4. An asteroid will impact (perhaps 2nd Trumpet, definitely 3rd Trumpet) and create an EMP that will knock out all electricity in the world, and kill most electronic devices.

This means you will not be able to cook food unless your stove is powered by gas or wood or propane. You will also have NO HEAT in your house unless it is powered by propane, gas, or wood and needs no electric fan to blow the hot air; such as a fireplace stove.

Best things to do, if you can do so, is move away from large cities, especially move away from the east coast of the North and South America.

You need to stock up on all supplies, build a cooker in the back yard, and buy some survival blankets that keep in 99.9% of your body heat. These blankets are very thin and store in a small plastic bag and cost only a few dollars. Also get a source of lighting so you can have some light at night.

The first Rapture does not take place until after the start of WW3 (6th Trumpet), which is at least 5 months after the Beast of Revelation rises out of the Abyss (5th Trumpet).

  • The two witnesses are killed and the first Rapture takes place.
  • Nuclear war hits the USA, China, Russia, and perhaps other nations; USA is invaded by Russia, China, and the ten-nation beast of Revelation.
  • WW3 rages, Israel is divided.
  • The second Rapture takes place (the white cloud harvest of Revelation 14) (Next will be the winepress of God’s Wrath)
  • Many nations invade Israel in order to kill all the Jews in Israel, more nuclear weapons used, volcanoes go off globally, huge asteroids impact, huge earthquakes hit the planet and split the USA into 3 parts, billions dies (7th Bowl of Wrath, and Winepress of God’s Wrath).

All of this information is given in more detail in all of my books on Bible prophecy, which are 4 in a series plus one more on the Antichrist.

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